WARNING! In 2016 over 90% of tornado chase days went tornado-bust, costing storm chasing tour participants tens of thousands of dollars while
staring at clear, hot blue skies - Not us! Our clients were able to reschedule their chases because we offer a free rescheduling option. Don't throw
your money away! We are the only professional tornado tour operation that offers both private (one-on-one) tornado chase tours with a free severe
weather guarantee option that allows you to reschedule your tornado chase tour!

warren faidley

Your personal guide.... Warren Faidley

Warren Faidley is America's Original Professional Storm Chaser.

Warren is a 30-year veteran of chasing some of the planet's most violent weather, including over 1,500 individual storms and natural disasters. He is a best selling author, award winning photographer, international lecturer and a foremost severe weather survival expert. He is one of the few individuals who has experienced both an F5 tornado and a category five hurricane.

You have likely seen Warren featured on television specials and news programs like The O'Reilly Factor, CNN, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and The Weather Channel.

Warren is a member of the American Meteorological Society and The National Eagle Scout Association.

If you would like more information about Warren Faidley, his background, credits and history, we urge you to visit his biography page.

Why our storm chasing adventures receive a 100% customer satisfaction rating for service, safety and finding the right storm

We are the only professional adventure outlet that offers a 100% rescheduling guarantee! If your scheduled chase
     period is cancelled by us due to no severe weather,
we will notify you in advance. You have the option of rescheduling.
     Hundreds of chase tourists throw thousands of dollars down the drain every year as chases go bust with days of hot,
     clear skies. NO other professional storm chasing tour group does this!

Your chase adventures are private, one on one with Warren.

We DO NOT chase in large rental vans where you may be forced to sit next to someone you don't like or someone who smells like cigarette smoke.

We chase in a safe, modern and comfortable SUV filled with modern chase equipment! -- You get the best view -- always!

You are a genuine part of an actual volunteer chase crew, not just a tourist! (Participation is optional).

Learn to photograph storms like a pro with an award winning photojournalist and extreme weather photographer.

We always try to stay in the nicest lodging facilities in the area. (Some tours stay in lower quality lodging).

Our "stand-by" chase option has a 100% success rate for tornado interception.

We offer a no interest payment plan so you can pay for your adventure in advance!

Customer Reviews.....

"I was able to reschedule my first week and it paid off big time! My bucket list is complete! "   R. King. 2016.

"Best time I ever had, hands down! Better than any regular storm tour or tornado tour."   D. Connell. 2005.

"Warren is the Michael Jordan of chasing!"   Dr. R. Moles. 2005.

"My wife and I had a nightmare experience with an upstart "storm tour" in 2012. One man in the van never showered and another reeked of cigarettes. Warren's adventure was a blessing. The front seat ride was well worth the extra money... like the difference between sitting in 22A on a 747 and being in the cockpit!"   Mr. A. Brown. 2014.

"Thanks so much for delivering a first class, stellar tornado holiday filled with action. Warren is the best guide there is and I felt comfortable and safe the entire time."    T. Brown. (London, England) 2010.

Your once in a lifetime, bucket list adventure deserves
the few extra dollars to make sure it's done right.

Stan White - Multiple tornado intercept expedition participant.

The Central Plains tornado season will begin in late April and run through mid-June. Some dates are reserved well in advance, so please book soon to reserve the most popular weeks. Although there are numerous tornado tour and tornado holiday groups offering rides in vans packed with people, we are different. (You get what you pay for). Warren's adventures are private. If you are interested in a professional, hands-on storm chasing experience -- this is for you. As we are often told by past adventurers, the small extra cost to chase in a private setting is a smart investment for a once in a lifetime adventure.

We generally limit volunteers to one per chase vehicle. With us, you will have a comfortable seat with a window view, as opposed to most larger tour groups that seat 9-12 people in a single van, often driving 300 to 500 miles per day! You will be able to ask Warren questions at any time. In addition, since our meeting, pick-up and drop off locations will be located in "active" areas, you do not waste precious chase days traveling to hot spots from distant locations. In fact, we can often customize your pick-up and drop off locations saving you multiple (wasted) days of driving. This single factor alone makes the extra investment worthwhile -- often turning a 5 day chase into a 6 or 7 day chase. In addition to this, we always try to stay in comfortable, higher end hotels when available.

Since Warren makes his living by getting as close to the action as possible (in a safe manner), you are guaranteed the best chance of witnessing amazing events.

Warren also offers lightning photography expeditions. These very popular expeditions are conducted during the summer monsoon in Arizona. For more information our Arizona Monsoon Expeditions, please visit this link.

Basic Tornado and Severe Weather Expedition Information

We are based out of Amarillo, TX, Denver, Colorado or Oklahoma City, OK. To be determined by weather patterns. Volunteers are required to arrive one day before the scheduled start date, and depart on the day after the scheduled departure date. Some flexibility on noted dates can be discussed.

Price does not include inbound or outbound transportation, lodging or meals. Lodging can be arranged for an extra fee. We don't include lodging to keep our rates lower and many of our clients prefer to use their own hotel discount or credit programs. A 50% deposit is required to hold a date. (See terms of deposit listed below).

Special: Reserve two consecutive tornado chase periods (10 days) and take $700.00 off the total price!)

Payments plans including no interest monthly payments are available.

To reserve a chase, see available dates and instructions below.

Expedition dates and options for 2018

1: Stand-by chases on outbreak days: March 1 through May 11+. If you really want to see a tornado, this program may offer you the best opportunity. You must be ready to depart within a 5-6 day advanced warning and a 24-48 hour final notice. This is generally during a "High Risk" of severe weather. See complete information about our stand-by chase program here.

2: Arizona Monsoon Expeditions: Track the world class lightning and dust storms as they sweep across southern Arizona. Includes photo expedition at no extra charge. A great way to chase at an affordable cost. See details here.

3: Springtime tornado chases in the heart of Tornado Alley: Our classic chase expedition program with set 5-day expeditions. Runs from May 16 through June 14. Here are our available dates and fees:

2018 Great Plains Tornado Expeditions

Our 2019 Storm chase expeditions schedule is posted here. Please note that we only have two chase periods open in 2019 so book now for 2018 or 2019!

March 1 through May 15 -- With Warren -- Stand-by, On Call Chase Only - Contact us for availability on to be put on the alert list.

May 19 through May 23 -- With Warren -- RESERVED BY JIM - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

May 24 through May 28 -- With Warren -- OPEN - 50% off the regular price!!! $2,749.00 (per person) - Special terms may apply.

May 29 through June 3 -- With Warren -- RESERVED BY Mike and Paula - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

June 4 through June 8 -- With Warren -- Contact us for availability. (per person) - Includes rescheduling guarantee - add a second person for $1,000 off!

June 9 through June 13 -- With Warren -- RESERVED BY Jerry - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

Storm Chasing Where You Pick The Days You Want To Chase!

Arizona Monsoon Storm Chasing Adventures and Photography Expeditions
July and August 2017

Our Monsoon severe weather expeditions offer an assortment of extreme weather including the best lighting photography opportunities in the world. Based out of Tucson, AZ, we travel each afternoon to intercept the most intense, desert pounding storms you can imagine! Since you pick the days you want to chase, the expeditions fit your schedule. Monday though Saturday days are available from July 10th though August 31st.

Discounts for two or more people and group / corporate tours are available.

See complete information about our monsoon storm chasing tours and photography expeditions here.

Tornado Chasing Expedition Reservation Instructions and Deposit Terms

All client information is held confidential and not released without permission.

Before forwarding any deposit, please email our office to confirm the dates you are requesting are still available. Some flexibility on listed dates may be possible. If you have any questions we will be happy to assist you. You can email us here.

Tornado Expeditions:
Deposits: A 50% percent deposit of the total cost is required immediately to hold an expedition period. No dates are reserved until the deposit is received and cleared. We accept checks and bank wire transfers only. We will place a courtesy hold on dates for 24 hours only! The final 50% deposit for all chase dates is due 30 days in advance of your scheduled start date. In the event you book your volunteer chase less than 30 days before the start date, the 50% deposit and the final amount must be paid at once.

Refund Terms: Since our expeditions are private, conducted over the course of a very limited timeframe, cancellations have a serious effect on our ability to chase and generate income. Therefore, refunds of deposits are not issued except for a very few situations. However, in most circumstances, a deposit can be applied to a future date.

Our basic final payment refund guarantee and rescheduling terms: (Does not apply to stand-by, Monsoon or other special chases). We will notify you 7-2 days in advance of your expedition if weather conditions appear to be unfavorable for chasing. In such events, you have the option of A: Rescheduling your chase for another date. Subject to available dates and other terms. B: Take your chances and chase. This guarantee does not include any refunds or rescheduling if we chase and are unable to intercept storms or if no storms occur in our target zone.

Please email us for any billing questions or to make a reservation.

Insurance: We provide a basic, limited insurance package for medical emergencies, including emergency evacuation. Additional insurance may be purchased by the volunteer through travel agencies. Insurance coverage is limited to terms of Weatherstock and the insurance agency. All participants must have some form of basic health insurance coverage. Terms and coverage subject to change.

May chases begin and end in Amarillo, Texas, unless the Volunteer can alter arrival locations as needed, with 12 to 72 hours notice. After June 6, chases may begin and end in Denver, Colorado. You are REQUIRED to arrive one day in advance of the actual chase date and depart one day after the actual end date -- so please note this requires a 7 day commitment, although you may remove days if desired. In some circumstances, if you have the ability to change travel plans within 12 to 24 hours of arrival, we may be able to offer a flexible pick-up and drop-off option that may allow you to save a travel day or two, allowing additional and more precise chasing. Volunteer opportunities are for a single person unless otherwise arranged with Weatherstock in advance. Volunteers may not invite others to follow or otherwise participate in the reserved period.

Reservations for tornado chase volunteers will be taken up to the active chase period. Please contact us for last minute reservations and availability.

Notes and Disclaimer:

Our active storm chasing areas are limited to a region roughly bounded by Midland, TX, Roswell, NM, the eastern plains of Colorado, southern Nebraska, far western Iowa, central Kansas and areas west of I-35 in Oklahoma. For safety reasons, we do not chase in areas where vegetation, urban congestion or terrain limits visibility, generally east of I-35. The exception for this is during our stand-by chases where we carefully target safe areas offering secure sheltering. In some circumstances, our daily target may be limited by distance considerations and pick-up / return schedules.

Please note that any storm chasing tour, tornado adventures, storm chasing holidays, storm adventures, tornado tours, tornado alley tours, tornado vacations, storm vacations, chaser tours, storm tours or similar activities are inherently risky, as there is no way to conduct this adventure without some level of risk, especially since weather events are inherently uncontrollable and can change with little or no advanced warning.

Stormchaser® and Weatherstock® are a Federally registered trademarks for various services.

Storm Chaser.com
Main Mail Department
PO Box 31808
Tucson, AZ 85751

Custom Chase Adventures, Spotter / Chaser Training, Private Instruction and Safety Consulting

• Chase season customized chase dates (Additional fees apply)

• Extended chase periods of 1 to 2 weeks


We are proud to announce our new Tactical Disaster & Storm Safety and Survival instruction via DisasterSurvial.org.

• Storm chaser and spotter certifications issued by DisasterSurvival.org. In-depth pre-and-post disaster and storm survival training. Perfect for insurance and construction appraisers, utility workers, first responders, emergency management, storm spotters, storm chasers or media chasers. Conducted during the off seasons.

• Focused tactical disaster and storm-related subjects including: hazardous weather driving skills, storm identification and threat assessment, basic emergency medical, severe weather meteorology. Photography and videography instruction also available.

Please visit DisasterSurvival.org for additional information.

Past volunteers scrapbook

We use advanced, real time GPS tracking and live Doppler Radar systems to chase in a safe and productive manner. Doppler radar has three levels of redundancies for back-ups. We also use satellite, wireless and hard copy mapping.

Left: "Doc" Randy seen in the Arch Angel.

Below: Dan Connell having the "time of his life."

"Steph" seen near a tornadiac storm in West Texas.

Our typical chase day includes a morning briefing and safety discussion. After going over a checklist of equipment and radio checks we load-up and head out. Once our target is chosen, the excitement begins. As the day progresses we will narrow our chase target until we are engaged with one or more storms. At the end of the day, nothing beats relaxing with a cool drink and talking about the day's chase. Your mind will race from all the excitement as you look over the pictures and video.

Thank you for visiting our Storm Expeditions Unlimited Homepage and we hope to be chasing with you soon!

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