2019 Central Plains Tornado and Storm Expeditions

Basic Tornado and Severe Weather Expedition Information

Participants are required to arrive one day before the scheduled start date, and depart on the day after the scheduled departure date. Some flexibility on noted dates can be discussed.

Price does not include inbound or outbound transportation, lodging or meals. Lodging can be arranged for an extra fee. We don't include lodging to keep our rates lower and many of our clients prefer to use their own hotel discount or credit programs. A 50% deposit is required to hold a date.

Special: Reserve two consecutive tornado chase periods (10 days) and take $700.00 off the total price!)

Payments plans including no interest monthly payments are available.

To reserve a chase, Contact us here.

Expedition dates and options for 2019

1: Stand-by chases on outbreak days: March 1 through May 11+. If you really want to see a tornado, this program may offer you the best opportunity. You must be ready to depart within a 5-6 day advanced warning and a 24-48 hour final notice. This is generally during a "High Risk" of severe weather. See complete information about our stand-by chase program here.

2: Arizona Monsoon Expeditions: Track the world class lightning and dust storms as they sweep across southern Arizona. Includes photo expedition at no extra charge. A great way to chase at an affordable cost. See details here.

3: Springtime tornado chases in the heart of Tornado Alley: Our classic chase expedition program with set 5-day expeditions. Runs from May 16 through June 14. Here are our available dates and fees:

2019 Great Plains Tornado Expeditions

Only two chase periods remain! Book now!

March 1 through May 15 -- With Warren -- Stand-by, On Call Chase Only - Contact us for availability on to be put on the alert list.

May 19 through May 23 -- With Warren -- OPEN - $5,499.00 (per person) - Includes rescheduling guarantee - add a second person for $1,000 off!

May 24 through June 2 -- With Warren -- RESERVED - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

June 4 through June 8 -- With Warren -- OPEN - $5,499.00 (per person) - Includes rescheduling guarantee - add a second person for $1,000 off!

June 9 through June 13 -- With Warren -- RESERVED BY Jerry - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

Dates fill quickly so book now if you want to reserve an expedition!

To reserve a chase, Contact us here.